3D Print to Cast

3Dprint_Nicholas Terry

3D Printing has revolutionised prototyping worldwide and represents a conundrum for some manufacturing industries. However, we see a huge opportunity for a new breed of digital creatives with 3D design facility to explore a fast and efficient, and high-value adding, direct to metal process.

After a lengthy testing, Meridian has launched a full 3D print and cast service capable of file cleaning and optimisation, 3D object creation at various quality and size outputs, and then an associated bronze casting and finishing service. All with a fast turnaround.

In 2016 Meridian Sculpture assembled what might be Australia’s largest 3D printed bronze artwork by designer Nicolas Terry, but we’re happy to work at any size and quantity; from functional design pieces like the wall mount headphone holder, to the various twisted software nightmares seen above; these creations rarely look digital, indeed they’re not.

Meridian has also developed a unique pressure casting system capable of producing otherwise ‘impossible’ patterns and lightweight, delicate designs from your digital source material.

Please call or email to discuss your requirements or to arrange a quotation.